Full Stack & App Developer

Hey! I'm Jose Bravo, a software developer from Spain 🇪🇸 with over 5 years of experience working in Full Stack Web and App development.

I'm deeply passionate about all things technology. I enjoy keeping up with the latest industry trends and helping people achieve their goals through code. I take pride in what I build and strive to exceed expectations.

When I'm not behind a keyboard, I love travelling, running, playing guitar and hiking with my dog Alfie.


Over the past 5 years, I have worked in various positions including Web Developer Intern to Senior Full-Stack Developer to Chief Technology Officer.

In 2019 I co-founded Ourside — a digital agency based in Ireland — with two business partners. During my time at Ourside, I have led a modest team of developers and designers in building websites, apps and entire platforms for both our clients and our own products such as Xplore Local and Uniphi.

Some of the projects I've built with Ourside have amassed hundreds of thousands of users, gained millions of page views and received national acclaim at the Irish Chamber Awards and .ie Digital Town awards.

My current technological focus is building websites and apps using React, React Native, GraphQL, Next.js, Postgresql, Docker and AWS but I'm always eager to learn new technologies and keep up with new developments in the field.

Personal Projects

Projects with Ourside

These are some of the projects I've led and built during my time with Ourside.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me through Twitter, LinkedIn, Github or email.